We offer Personalized 1-2-1, Phone Sessions & Group Training for all ages and Service based organizations.

BIPADA Diploma Presented by Lord Cotter and Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia & Serbia at Queen's College, Oxford


BIPADA offers Phone Sessions to people of all ages rganises 3 Days Intensive Certification program at The Queen's College, Oxford University.


Protocol plays an increasingly vital role in our competitive global world, BIPADA's Oxford etiquette and protocol courses are designed to put you ahead of the competition.


BIPADA's seminars are fun, person centred and inspiring and provide a number of personal skills to help you communicate effectively with anyone, at any level.

BIPADA will help you increase the positive impact you have on everyone you meet and work with.


BIPADA Academy offers practical, insightful, interactive courses as well as one-on-one tuitions for discerning people world wide.

Create a positive image, appropriate confident behaviour, posture and dress code for every occasion. A calm, winning attitude, great public speaking skills, conversation and listening skills.

“At BIPADA we provide a definitive international and personal protocol experience delivered by professionals immersed in numerous cultures, this includes expert advice for diplomat’s wives accompanying their husbands to cultures alien to them."


  • You will enjoy our specially- designed courses in London Mayfair, Buckinghamshire, Oxford and abroad.

  • You will be at Oxford University, the historic seat of learning that goes as far back as the year 1096.

  • You will have a revolutionary life changing personal protocol experience.

  • We deliver a training that puts you ahead of the competition.

  • You will learn to conduct yourself with ease in Royal and Diplomatic circles.

  • Your training will increase your ability to interact comfortably, in every situation. We keep it real.

  • You will attain a significant improvement in reaching your personal and professional objectives.

  • You will boost and change your confidence and attitude. 

  • We aim to bring you the best personal protocol learning experience. 

  • You will learn from our impressive team of experts.

  • Our experts have provided confidential 1-2-1 tailormade character training advice and mentoring for over 20 years.

• You can choose to enjoy the certificate presentation at the end of our 3 days intensive course at The University of Oxford.

Why choose BIPADA


"Confidence and empathy training is a must have tool for every PA, Consierge and service based organizations."

Patti Boulaye


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BIPADA Seminar at the Athenaeum Hotel, Mayfair