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Welcome to our gallery page

In this page you will find images of some of BIPADA's work and latest networking events. Bipada has held seminars, workshops and 1-2-1 training sessions. Some of the events are shown here:

Supported by Bipada experts Stephen Komlosy and HRH Princess Katarina. Patti also attended the 'Diversity' Conference at Middlesex University, holding workshops and panel discussions organised by Senior Lecturer Dr Doirean Wilson D.Prof Practice, MA HRM, Chartered FCIPD, Cert Ed (FE).


Patti now hosts her own TV chat show "Life With Patti Boulaye" discussing life's journey and etiquette with guests every Friday. on Disruptive Live TV. .Life with Patti Boulaye' programme is streamed live worldwide on Disruptive Live TV.


The Bipada Network was launched at the Cafe Royal and gives talks in schools, universities and to groups in the UK and Africa.

The BIPADA Network Launch

Bipada Oxford Course

Diploma presented by

HRH Princess Katarina & Lord Cotter to Ruby Kaur-Khangura LLB, MA

BIPADA Seminars


University Students

Final year students
Final year students Diversity Team Case-study Presentation
The BIPADA Certificate of Excellence judging panel; Lindsey Parslow, Patti Boulaye, David Browne & Prof Dr Doirean Wilson
Winners of BIPADA Certificate of Excellence


Bishop Luffa School
"Confidence and empathy training is a must-have tool for every PA, Consierge and service based organisations."

Patti Boulaye

2019 Student Cohort Middxx Uni

2019 Bipada MD's presentation to Prof Dr Doirean Wilson's 2019 undergraduates on EDI (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) Module and the Consulting Teams at the Middlesex University Business School Faculty of Professional & Social Sciences.