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If you are or know a young person or young adult anywhere in the world who feels that:
1. They are the only ones with problems.
2. Everyone else is having a great life but them
3. Everyone is blessed but them
4. It's alright to allow depression to take over their lives
5. They have no future because they are poor
6. it's alright to envy other people’s lifestyle
7. Believe that other people have overnight success without efforts

Send them to watch episodes of “LIFE”. It’s not preachy – other people’s

experiences can help us put things in perspective.

We all have hurdles to jump over in life. All this talk of empowerment can give false hopes to young people. We can take life in the chin and move on to greater things. No one can hand it to us except God and our determination not to give up.

Patti's guests on "LIFE" include Lord Tom Pendry former Shadow Sports Minister under Tony Blair. To watch all the episodes of "LIFE" follow this link; "LIFE"

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