'Seminar For The Sophisticated Business Woman'

Here at BIPADA Academy we are known for our confidential 1-2-1 tutorials and therefore we do not advertise widely, however we are very excited to introduce a series of person centred seminars and workshops in London These will focus on between 6 and 20 individuals resulting in a very personal and rewarding experience. Each seminar is hosted by our charismatic managing director Patti Boulaye and features an array of fantastic and inspiring guest speakers hand picked by Patti for their experience and expertise.

Patti Boulaye OBE (Host): Patti Boulaye has three very special women and The Royal Butler, (Ex-Butler to HRH Prince Charles) joining her at the BIPADA Academy Seminar for the Sophisticated Business Woman. 
HRH Princess Katarina of the Royal Houses of Serbia and Windsor (Confirmed Special Guest) joins Patti Boulaye at BIPADA's Seminar to share her experiences and tips for international success. Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia is niece to Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

Lindsey Parslow MD Mayfair Quarters formerly Hedge Fund Net (Confirmed Special Guest). Before starting Mayfair Quarters Lindsey project managed and set up the London Mayfair-based offices of two large American Hedge Funds. She has five children.

Aret Kapetanovic LLB, SWET & BIPADA expert, Wine Specialist and Events Co-ordinator, Director of Membership at The Club at Cafe Royal, will be sharing her experience in Networking.

A day of sharing, imparting, building confidence and life skills. We do not use presentation or powerpoint slides just a pure person to person day of learning and sharing. Patti Boulaye says we can’t live someone else’s dream, that in order to be our absolute best, we must first find our own voice and “sing our own tune and live our own life.” She has spent many years empowering people to “find their own unique self” from the inside out…....through things they say, their conduct, and their interactions.
“These are seminars you cannot afford to miss, you will leave the event inspired, encouraged and ready to take on your world and conquer it. Meet like minded women and network with our keynote speakers.”

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Confidence Makeover in;
- Networking
- Entering a room and owning it
- How to correctly utilise and approach your important contacts
- Being a strong woman in a man’s world
- Being the face of your business
- The Reality behind being a success
- Overcoming obstacles in your personal life
- Staying positive in the face of adversity
- Q&A and Discussions

Wine Education & Tasting



Thank you for a really, really lovely day…….it was insightful for me and a boost For women to hear all that was shared. Will pray and reflect more before trying to sort things out and work on my networking…........

HRH's story reminds me of myself in many ways.  Looking only forward and still feel strong from being with other strong women.… was absolutely brilliant…….........

It was great meeting women of like mind on Tuesday…….. Aret was fantastic…..... Her Royal Highness was great and you were such a warm and natural hostess and speaker……..Please keep me updated about future events. Once more thanks for Tuesday. I thought it was an amazing day, you are so inspirational…... the ladies enjoyed it, they were full of raving reviews and so positive. The atmosphere lifted throughout the day………..Thank you again for such a magical day on Tuesday…........Thanks for sharing so much with us.


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