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Support That Makes a Difference


Former  Senior Partner City & Westminster Corporate Finance LLP

Stephen Komlosy is a member of MENSA, and an Ambassador For Peace (Universal Peace Federation). He is co-founder/former Chairman and CEO of TomCo Energy PLC, which he floated on AIM in 2011. He has over 50 years’ experience in business as a proprietor and has been a director and founder of a number of Public Companies operating in the UK and the US, including AIM listed PSG Solutions Plc now Security Research Group Plc. Stephen was instrumental in the flotation of PremiSys Plc, the Laurie March Group Ltd and Avatar Systems Inc, which provides IT to oil companies and floated on NASDAQ, USA. During his career Stephen has been a director of a number of other publicly quoted companies, including co-founder of Laurence Parnes Organisation Ltd (LPO), Pavilion Leisure Plc and co-founder of Branon Plc, a supplier to North Sea Oil Companies and the Ministry of Defense and where he was the director in charge of the launch of Cavendish Petroleum Inc, an Ohio, US gas producer. Additionally, since 1964, Stephen has built up three private property companies, two of which have been amalgamated with public companies. He was Founder Member of the Patron’s (HRH Prince Michael of Kent) Enterprise Club for GENESIS INITIATIVE. Stephen also owned UK theatres through LPO with four of them in London and has sponsored and helped financed the building of five healthcare clinics and a school in three African countries, Nigeria, Cameroon and Lesotho through Support For Africa. He was presented with the Star Foundation Award for services to the community and was recently awarded "Senior Fellow and Fellow of The Entrepreneurial Circle of the Order of Saint Hadrian of Canterbury". He is married with six children, nine grand-children and one great grand child.

"There is a thread of life, which can be slackened, twisted, knotted, overstretched or at the very worst, BROKEN along the way. Life is simple but we complicate it with superficiality. Too often we look after our outer self while neglecting our inner self. Those who feel they need no improvement are usually the ones who need it the most."


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