Young Ambassador's Certificate

We Offer Personalized & Group Life skills & Soft Skills Courses and Workshops for Young Adults of all ages.

“In India alone, more than half of India's 3 million graduates take etiquette, manners and grooming classes." ​

At BIPADA we encourage clients, individuals, schools, churches, parents, governments and especially businesses to imitate this great example by adding BIPADA's Young Ambassador Certificate to their list of must haves for their potential employee.


At BIPADA we believe that everyone, no matter his or her background is an Ambassador. Everyone is a brand that  represents himself or herself, family, school, country, race, community, business or company.

Therefore, we teach young adults as well as children to embrace enthusiastically the achievable goals of graciousness, social and leadership skills.

We help them grow into confident, caring and successful young adults. We equip young people for the future, endearing them not only to their families and friends, but also to future employers.



​​BIPADA helps young people through role play, to say goodbye to awkwardness and the negativity that comes with not knowing the right code of behaviour.

Due to the increasing demand on working parents, children are prone to the influence of outside culture and media.

Bipada's 3 Days Young Ambassador's Certificate Courses and Workshops gives many young adults the opportunity to develop good character, emotional intelligence, empathy, charm and respect for self and others. We equip them with social and communication skills to help them achieve their full potential.


BIPADA is aware that in many countries, parents want to put their children ahead of both local and international competition. The Knowledge of etiquette i.e. personal protocol had always been reserved for the upper classes and privileged few.

Now anyone can learn the global code of conduct. In addition to normal education, it is wise to invest in a great start for your children and gain the joy of having a confident, polite and respectful son or daughter. A young adult who values himself or herself as well as others, and who contributes to their society and the greater community.

“Our thoughts become Words, our Words become actions, our Actions become Habits, our Habits become our Character and our Character becomes our Destiny”  LDS

"You can either choose to be respected or disrespected, to fail or to succeed, to be noticed or to be ignored."

Patti Boulaye OBE

Why choose BIPADA


  • You will gain public speaking and great presentation skills.

  • We encourage empathy, consideration and politeness.

  • You will gain winning ways, find your own direction in life, develop inner peace, a sense of balance and confidence in your ability.

  • You will gain respect for self and for others.

  • You will have a life changing international and personal protocol experience.

  • We deliver a protocol training that puts you ahead of your peers.

  • Learn interview techniques as well as how to conduct yourself with ease and charm in every situation.

  • You will gain all the important life skills and tools needed to enhance your social and personal life.

  • Attain a significant improvement in reaching your personal and professional objective.

  • Learn natural and real leadership skills from our impressive team of experts.

  • Learn how to get the best out of your life and overcome negative reasoning.

  • We also provide confidential 1-2-1 personalised, follow up individual advice and mentoring.

  • We offer certification with some of our courses.


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